1. In [Inventory] [Stock Locations] click on the Stock Location with the stock you need to adjust.

2. Click on the green [+New] [Stock Adjustment].

In the pop-up window, click [Save].

3.  In the search box, search for the products you want to adjust.
For example, I want to move 2 bottles from the Corona Extra Lager description and add them to the  Corona Lager Mexican 355ml description.

To remove 2 bottles of Corona Extra Lager from this description, enter 2 (positive) against this description.

To add the 2 bottles to Corona Lager Mexican 355ml, enter -2 (negative) against this description.

Then click [Complete].

4. Go back to your stock location to view your stock adjustment.

5. If you want to delete the zero quantity description from your Inventory, click the [Edit] icon.

In the pop-up window, click the [Delete Stock Level] button.

You have now Merged two descriptions and deleted the redundant description from your Inventory.

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