To check out your Purchase Plus Supplier Billing Usage reports for the associated fees relating to your Purchase Orders and Invoices, follow the below steps.

These usage reports are very handy for Finance and Accounts Payable tasks, particularly when you receive your Marketboomer Tax Invoice, so you can check out your usage directly in your Purchase Plus account.

  1. Go to [System], [Billing], [Usage].

  2. In the body of the Snapshot page, click on the [Billing usage snapshots] tab, as below. Then click the green '+ Billing Usage Snapshot' button.

3. In the pop up window, enter the criteria of the search using the below highlighted fields:

  • Start Date: The date you want your report to start from

  • End Date: The last date you want to end the report on

  • Description: (Optional) description of your search

  • Billable: Tick the check box

  • Unit Of Measure: choose the item you want to search for, ie: EmailPO, InvoiceE, DiscountPO.

  • Usage State: choose 'SUCCESS' (Note - this is the state of the document, Success = the document has sent successfully for billing).

The click 'Save'.

4. The snapshot is now running, wait a few seconds. and then refresh the browser page. The state will change from 'Open' to 'Complete' when it is finished.

5. Click the 'Download' button to download the spreadsheet, the file will appear on your screen, click the file to open and analyse the report.


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