Calculate Manually

You can calculate the average invoice processing time manually.

1. Click on [Dashboards] - [Snapshots] - [Invoices and Credit Notes]

2. Click the green [+ Invoices And Credit Notes] button.

3. In the pop-up window, input:
[Start date] Date of when you would like to run the report
[End date] Last day of the month you want to calculate your invoice processing average for
[Date filter] Document Created At
[States] Processed
[Supplier] Leave blank
Then click [Save.

4.  The snapshot is running in and will initially show its [State] as "Open." wait a few seconds before refreshing your browser page. The [State] will then show as "Complete." Click the [Download] link to download the snapshot.

5. Apply a filter to your spreadsheet and filter out all Manual from the [Inception] column (column J) so only API and PDF are showing. These are all of your paperless invoices.

6. In the [Document created at] column (Column L) filter to show only the month's invoice processing time you want to calculate.

7. Then select the entire column N [Days to process].

The average processing time in days will appear at the bottom of the window.

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