1. In Purchase Plus, click on [System] [Access] [Users].

2. Tick the [Show Deleted] box and paste the email address of the new user in the search box and select the search icon on the far right. This will ensure that the user's profile doesn't already exist in your account.

If the email address was previously used, you can reinstate it by selecting the green [restore] icon as outlined below. Any amendments (e.g. name, telephone, personas etc) can be applied, by selecting the blue [eye] and navigating to your desired tab.

3. If the user doesn't already exist, then click on the green [+] button.

4. Fill in the below information and click [Save].

  • Email Address

  • Full Name

  • Password (a minimum requirement of eight letters, one capital letter and one number applies here)

  • Verify Password 

  • Position

  • Telephone (this is vital as it will be listed on any POs generated by this user)

Note - If the above form will not let you save, it may be due to the fact that a user already exists with that email address somewhere in the system. Contact [email protected] for support.

5. The user will now receive an account activation email as seen below:

Note - Advise the user to check their spam folder should they not receive this within 5 minutes. Alternatively, they can request another activation link by clicking here and entering the appropriate email address.

Once [Activate my account] has been selected, the user will be redirected to Purchase Plus to log in. Users can follow help guide: Log in to Purchase Plus for Buyers

Note - Please change your Password for security purposes: Password Information

6. Set the new user's permissions. For Suppliers, click here.

7. Turn on the user's notifications.

8. User options in the 'Details' tab:

  • Enable/disable 'Auto Send Purchase Order' - See Set Purchase Orders to Auto-Send for more details.

  • Enable/disable 'Enforce Buy List' - This function is applicable for Internal Requisitions only. This forces the user to use an 'Internal Requisition Buy List' when receiving into any stock location for inventory. See Creating an Internal Requisition for more details.

  • 'Save Sort Preferences' - Currently, the user’s preferences for their grids are saved to the Purchase Plus database. This includes how columns are sorted, their width, which columns are visible.

9. To add this user to a role for an approval workflow, see our help guide here.

10. If a user manages multiple Buyer Organisations (Different Hotels) please see this help guide to add them accordingly to all the relevant properties.

You have now fully set up a new user.

Note - When "Enforce Password Change" is turned on, Purchase Plus will enforce a password change every 3 months from the last time it was changed or updated, regardless of activity or inactivity on your account.

E.g. If you changed or updated your password as of the January 4th, 2022 then when you log into on April 4th, 2022, will enforce a password change on your account.

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