Note: if there's already an invoice or a PO already raised for the supplier, you can no longer delete it from your [My Suppliers]. You can just disable the supplier, then proceed to Deleting From The AP Hub.

There are times when you will need to remove a Supplier due to a duplicate being identified or as you'd prefer to discontinue your relationship with them.

There are 2 places to remove a Supplier in Purchase Plus:

My Suppliers and the Accounts Payable Hub. Be aware that if you are in a joint hub with other Buyers/Hotels, they may be using a Supplier that you aren't, and you should always confirm before deleting suppliers from the AP HUB.

Deleting From My Suppliers

1. Click the [edit] button to the left of the supplier's name, and then selecting the red button labelled [Delete My Suppliers]. This will remove this single supplier from your My Suppliers list.

Note: This will not remove a supplier from the AP Hub. If the supplier has been used for an invoice or an order previously, the supplier can't be removed from your [My Suppliers] list.

Deleting From The AP Hub

1. Go to [Settings] - [Accounts Payable] and select the [view] icon.

2. Select the [Suppliers] tab, search for the Supplier Name, and select the [bin] icon to delete the Supplier.

3. This will remove that supplier from your AP Hub.

Note: This will not remove a Supplier from My Suppliers. You will need to complete the aforementioned step to this first.

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