Configure your system for API invoicing

In this section we will show you how to set up your test environment for electronic invoicing

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Our Electronic Invoice API is the most robust way to send electronic invoices to your customers.

To read more about it and see the invoice format, please click this link:

Setting up your billing system to use the Electronic Invoice API will require the involvement of your technical team or billing software supplier but the above link provides all of the documentation and tools to get you started. Also note that HTTPS and a minimum TLS of 1.2 is enforced for all requests.


Please follow the instructions below to test your connection to the Electronic Invoice API.

  1. Contact [email protected] to receive an API token for testing.

  2. We will respond with a URL and credentials to allow you to submit invoices to our test API:

    Note that invoices sent using these credentials will not be paid. Once you are ready to go live, we will provide you with the Production API token and URL.

  3. Configure your billing system to POST invoices to the Electronic Invoice API.

    Header Name: "Content-Type" Header Value "application/json"
    Header Name "Authorization" Header Value: "Token token=[API Key]"

    Post the JSON under the Body section.

  4. Submit test invoices

  5. We will send back responses so that you can confirm the invoices are passing through correctly.

  6. Once you confirm the invoices are being accurately received, we will provide you with a production URL and credentials:

If you have any questions regarding the above then feel free to contact us by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page.

Note - Purchase Plus are not responsible for setting up or troubleshooting your API connection.

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