Normally in Purchase Plus, once a Requisition has been approved, and turned into a Purchase Order(s), you then need to log in to send them. However, you can set Purchase Orders to Auto-send. The only functionality you lose by using this setting is the ability to consolidate Purchase Orders.

The Auto-send function can be set on a user-by-user basis, however, for consistency of process within Departments, we recommend you set this for all users in a given Department.

Note: You will need to have access permission to update user information to be able to  turn on PO auto-send

1. Go to [System] [Access] [Users] and click on the [View] icon of the user you want to turn PO Auto-send on for.

2. In the [Details] tab, tick the [Auto Send Purchase Order] checkbox.

This user's Purchase Orders will now be auto sent, and they will not need to log into Purchase Plus to send them.

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