To update Informal Supplier's details via a 'Vendor Import' please follow the below steps.

(Note - Only Informal Suppliers can be edited by the Purchaser, whereas a Formal Marketboomer managed Supplier can only be edited by the Supplier. Any Supplier name changes must be sent to [email protected]).

1. From [Dashboard], go to [Settings] [Accounts Payable]. Click on the [View] icon.

2. Click on the [Suppliers] tab, then click the blue [Export] button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

3. Once the export has completed, the .CSV file will open, you will only be able to update the details of Suppliers marked as [Is Verified] - [False].

4. Download Informal Supplier Import Template.

5. Complete the template with the following information

  • Column A. Paste [Supplier ID]. Do not alter number

  • Column B. Paste Supplier's [Name]. Do not alter name - this would create a duplicate account.

  • Column C. Vendor code from SUN, SAP or PeopleSoft. Compulsory.

  • Column D. PO BOX or OFFICE. Compulsory for PeopleSoft ONLY.

  • Column E. Input [0] for Supplier Business Number. This can not be updated via the import.

  • Column F. Input the supplier's order email. Inputting a new order email address here, will add to the list of possible delivery outboxes, but does not update the default delivery outbox. Compulsory (View help guide: Change an Informal Supplier's delivery email address)

  • Column H to L. Leave blank.

  • Column M. Postal address country (AU, NZ, GB, SG etc.) Compulsory. See a list of the accepted country codes here. You must use the two digit country code.

6. Import this file back into Purchase Plus. Click on the [Supplier Imports] tab in your Accounts Payable Hub, then click on the green [+ Supplier Imports] on the top right-hand side of the screen.

7. In the pop-up window, select the .CSV file that was just updated, then click [Save].

8. The import status will display as 'Processing'. After a few seconds, refresh your browser. The import status should now show as 'Complete'.

In the 'Import Information' columns, you will see how many suppliers have been successfully updated. The 'Import Error Information' column will display a download file with any import error details if there were any.

The Informal Suppliers contact details have now been updated.

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