In [Settings,] [Delivery Outboxes,] You can see the the [Default] method of receiving Purchase Orders from customers, along with Buyer specific emails/numbers.
(Note: There should only be one default ticked )

To create a new address click on the green [+] icon.  You can also edit an existing option by clicking on it.  If "default" is ticked the address will affect all customers.

[Type] select from either HTTP or SFTP.
[External URL] input the endpoint URL.
[Export Format] select format you wish to receive orders in, currently supported is: XML or JSON file format.
[Attachment Format] leave blank.
[Is Default] unticked - where a customer requires a unique endpoint.
                    ticked  - will set the endpoint for all customers that do not have a unique endpoint set.

Set the above fields and click [Enter] on your keyboard to lock in the changes.

For test files in any of the above configuration, contact [email protected] advising end point & export format.  We'll send a test order in the required format.

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