Once you have Paperless Invoice configured to be received into Purchase Plus, you will need to find out which of your Customer(s) accepts Paperless Invoices and then send the invoice to their Paperless Invoice Email Address (PIEA) This is an email address that is unique to each Supplier/Buyer relationship.  This address is also the "Identity" for API and Invoice Uploader.

To find out which of your Customers accepts Paperless Invoices, go to [Customers,] [My Customers] and click on the [My Customer Exports] tab.

To create a new export, click on the green [+] button. The report is now running in the background. Wait a few seconds before refreshing your browser page.

Once the export has completed, click the file name to download the export.

In column G of the export file, you will see "TRUE" if the Customer accepts paperless invoices. Column F contains their PIEA. This is where you need to send their paperless invoices (API/Uploader "Identity").

If a customer has requested you send them Paperless Invoices, you can also find their PIEA in [Customers,] [My Customers.] Locate the Customer you want to send the electronic invoices.  In the [Invoicing Email] column, you will see an email address composed of "[email protected]" This is the address you need to send your paperless invoices to.

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