Update - October 2021

Please note that as part of our efforts to enhance system performance and focus our resources on enhancing the most utilised modules of Purchase Plus, we are disabling the Request For Quote module in November 2021.

When a Buyer has invited you of a new Request For Quote, you can find the RFQ request in [Request For Quote,] [Customer RFQs.]
If the [Respond] button next to the RFQ is green, you have not yet responded. If the [Respond] button is yellow, you have already responded to the RFQ but are still able to adjust pricing until it is closed.

Click on the [Respond] button to start your response.

Input your [Delivery charge] and [Lead time days,] then click [Save.]

Read the Terms and Conditions of the RFQ, taking note of any information in the [Attachments] and [Comments] tabs. If you are happy to accept the Terms and Conditions, click on [No] and select [Yes] from the drop down, then click the [Tick] button. 

Note: If you input pricing to an RFQ, but do not accept the Terms and Conditions, your response will not be seen by the Buyer.

In the [Lines] tab, you can see the list of product the Buyer wants quotes on. You can quote on product by clicking on the product. Enter the [Quoted Price] (ex.GST,) [Tax Rate %] and [Minimum Order Quantity,] then hit "Enter" on your keyboard. The Buyer can now see your quote.

Depending on how the Buyer has set up their RFQ, you may be able to see how your price ranks compared to other Supplier's. The [Rank] column, " 1 " means you have quoted the best price on that product line.

You can adjust your pricing at any time until the RFQ is closed by the Buyer. You can recalculate your rank after pricing adjustments by clicking the green [Recalculate Rank] button.

You can also input quotes by exporting a list of the products to an excel file. To do so, click on the [Exports] tab, then on the green [+ Request For Quote Response Export] button. After a few seconds, refresh your browser page. Click on the file name to download it.

Input your quotes(ex.GST,) tax percentage and minimum order quantities and save the document. 

You now need to import this file back inot Purchase Plus. To do so, click on the [Imports] tab, then on the green [+ Request For Quote Response Import.] After a few seconds, refresh the page. You will now see the import information. Ensure no import errors have occurred, as these quotes will not have been updated.

You quotes will now appear next to the products in the [Lines] tab.

You will be notified of the result of the RFQ by the Buyer once the RFQ has been finalised.

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