In Purchase Plus, you can set delivery charges for Purchase Orders under a certain amount.

Step 1. First you need to create a set of delivery charge rules.

In [System,] [Suppliers,] [Delivery Charges] tab, click the green [+] button to create a new set of delivery charge rules and enter the following information.

Name - Name the new delivery charge.
Minimum order value - If the PO ex. tax total is under this amount, the delivery charge will apply.
Delivery charge - The cost of delivery for POs under the amount specified in the previous column.
Delivery charge tax percentage - the tax percentage of the delivery charge. eg. 10%.

Then hit "Enter" on your keyboard.

Step 2. You now need to attach the delivery charge to the Customer.

In [Customers,] [My Customers,] click in the [Delivery Charge] column of the Customer you want to apply the delivery charge rules to. From the drop-down, select the set of delivery charge rules you want to apply, then hit "Enter" on your keyboard.

These delivery charges will now be applied to the Customer's Purchase Orders in the outbound PO to the supplier under 'Delivery Charges (ex. tax) section of the Purchase Order, as below. Please note it does not show as a line item in the body of the outbound order.

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