In Purchase Plus, you have control of which Buyers you are connected with, which products and prices they see and where you receive their Purchase Orders.

To connect with a Buyer on Purchase Plus, see: Add a Buyer

Once you have added a Buyer, you can manage their status, go to [Customers,] [My Customers]:

[Purchaser Number] - Here you can input your customers account number reference number
[Purchaser Name] and [Postal Address] - Cannot be changed, controlled by the Buyer.
[Enabled?] - To be able to trade with a Buyer, they must be enabled on your account. If the enabled field shows a "X" then the Buyer is not enabled. To change their enabled status, double-click on the "X" and then hit "Enter" on your keyboard.  A tick designates an enabled customer. Note: You must also be added and enabled on the Buyers account. See: Add a Marketboomer Supplier.
[Purchaser Preferred Pricing] - Ticking this column gives your customer permission to create products and prices on your behalf using a "Self-managed pricing catalogue" managed within their account.
[Catalogue] - Displays the Catalogues you have attached to your customer. See: Create a Catalogue and add Products and Add a Buyer to a Catalogue.
[Delivery Charge] - Displays the name of the delivery policy assigned.
- Where you receive Purchase Orders from this Buyer. See: Change how/where you receive Purchase Orders.
[Invoicing email] - If you and your customer are both using Paperless Invoicing, this is the address you should send their invoices to. See: Hotels accepting electronic invoices and How to send Paperless Invoices.

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