A Supplier may provide you with a pp_product_id for an item in Purchase Plus. This is the unique number that Purchase Plus uses to identify a product.

You can add products to your Buy Lists using this pp_product_id without having to search through the supplier's catalogue.

1. In [Catalogues] [Buy Lists] [Export] the Buy List you want to add the product to.

2. The export state will show as 'Open.' Wait a few moments before refreshing your browser page, then click the 'File Name' to download the export.

3. Insert the pp_product_id into the column of the same name (column O) in your export. Save the file in a csv. format.

Note: We recommend preparing the file for import by clearing data from all columns except the pp_product_id (excluding column headers.)

4. In the [Catalogue Imports] tab, click the green [+ Catalogue Import] button.

Select the file you just updated and click [Save.]

The import state will show as 'Open.' Wait a few seconds before refreshing your browser page to check whether your import was successful.

The product has now been added to your Buy List using the 'pp_product_id!

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